Epicheck® BladderBladder Epicheck® DNA analysis in urine for bladder cancer diagnosis

The Bladder Epicheck® epigenetic kit is based on a real-time PCR analysis of the DNA contained in urine obtained during spontaneous micturition. This test studies a panel of 15 markers that allow for the detection of changes in the DNA methylation that are typical of bladder tumours.

The most recent studies indicate a 92% sensitivity, an 88% specificity, and a 99.3% negative predictive value, excluding TaLG cases (compared to the 78.6% of typical urine cytology). This means that, in case of a negative result, the test discards the presence of aggressive bladder tumours with 99% accuracy. According to published data, adding Epicheck® Bladder to the diagnostic scheme increases significantly the accuracy to detect a high-grade bladder tumour (from 72.4% to 94.9%). Likewise, in certain patients and situations, this test would allow for the reduction in the frequency and/or need of cystoscopies without ignoring the presence of aggressive tumours.

The results of this new test were shown in the European Congress of Urology in 2018 and subsequently published in 2019. This test has been available in our unit since its launch in Spain in 2019.
This is a comfortable and non-invasive test for a patient since it only requires a urine sample. Definitely, an affordable, precise, and objective technique.