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Nosotros ROC Urología

ROC Urología has accumulated more than 30 years working in Madrid in order to offer our patients the most advanced diagnostic tools and treatments in Urology. We have a team of absolutely trustworthy professionals for the treatment of all the pathologies with the most innovative techniques.

We believe in super-specialisation, so that when you come to us with a problem we will direct you to the appropriate subunit, composed of specialists focused on your pathology. For this reason, the team of urologists is composed of professionals who are focused and super-specialised in the different urological subspecialities: Oncology, Prostate Pathology, Andrology, Reconstructive Surgery, Lithiasis, Female Functional Urology, Laparoscopy, Robotic and Hospitalisation.

Our team also includes professionals from other specialities focused on Urology, and with full dedication to our area of interest: uro-radiologists, uro-pathologists, uro-gynaecologists, uro-surgeons, uro-oncologists, uro-radiotherapists.

We develop our work within the health group HM Hospitales, because it gives us the platform of excellence necessary for our work performance. Our work integrates:

  • Research: The company has a platform to develop research and a Clinical Trial Unit.
  • Teaching: We are a University Hospital, and we develop the Medicine Degree of the University CEU San Pablo
  • Assistance: Very consolidated hospitals with all the safety guarantees and technological equipment to ensure the best and quickest recovery.
Equipo médico de Urología en HM Hospitales
We offer our patients the most advanced diagnostic tools and treatments in Urology.