Laser SurgeryMinimally invasive

Minimally invasive Surgery

We are constantly dedicated to offering the most effective and least harmful treatments to our patients. This is why our commitment to get to know and innovate with the technology and the latest developments is permanent, but always under the principles of safety and scientific soundness.

For this reason, our Unit is equipped with all the necessary technology for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

We are known at an international level as pioneers in Holmium laser enucleation at an international level, and we have spent more than 12 years using this technique and operated more than 2500 patients. We are also one of the most experienced groups with Thulium laser enucleation.

At the present time, we are pioneers at a national level in the use of Aquabeam® and Rezum®. There are few trained and accredited groups to employ this technique in Spain.