It is the narrowing of the canal that carries the urine from the bladder to the outside.

It is a rare disease that requires a team that is very specialised in these pathologies in order to achieve good results, according to the Ministry of Health, which also recognises a series of benchmark centres for the management of these diseases.

Our Unit offers a team of renowned prestige and experience in this field, led by Dr. Javier Romero-Otero.

The male urethra has classically been divided into two areas, and these in turn have subdivisions:

  • Anterior urethra: navicular fossa, pendulum or penile urethra and bulbar urethra.
  • Posterior urethra: membranous urethra (sphincter), prostatic urethra and bladder neck.

Urethral stenosis is described as the decrease in the diameter of the urethral lumen, which hinders urine output from the bladder to the outside. This process consists of the formation of a fibrous scar that affects the epithelium lining the urethra (urothelium) and the corpus spongiosum. Normally, when we talk about urethral stenosis, we refer to the anterior urethra.