Penile Cosmetic Surgery

Currently, there is great interest and concern regarding having genitals that are accepted by the patient, while allowing them to maintain their functionality. There are situations in which these conditions are not met: hypospadias, epispadias, bladder exstrophy, micropenis, penile amputations and others. On other occasions, patients with “normal” genitals may want to improve their functionality and/or aesthetics.

In all these situations of our daily life, surgery can be used to improve penis length, increase its thickness, eliminate suprapubic fat, lower the scrotal insertion, among others, which will finally result in a better appearance of the penis, an improvement in functionality and, therefore, a greater quality of life and self-esteem.

For all these reasons, in our Unit we have incorporated several of the most experienced professionals in this field, and we have created a multidisciplinary team in order to provide the maximum guarantees in this field.

We offer: