Ejaculation disorders

During the last decades, different and diverse criteria have been used to define this entity, although since 2013 it has adopted the definition of the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM). Premature ejaculation may be primary (occurs from the time an individual begins sexual relations) or acquired (appears at some point in his life, with previous normal sexual performance), and is characterised by:

Two other premature ejaculation syndromes have also been recently proposed:

As for the frequency of this pathology, the biggest problem in measuring it is that, at the time when the largest studies were carried out, there was no agreed definition of the entity, so percentages of up to 31% of men aged 18-59 years have been described in the literature. Today, it is considered to affect around 5% of the older male population.

For the acquired type, the causes may be varied, such as the presence of urethritis, hormonal disorders or psychogenic factors. However, there is no clear etiology for the vast majority of the cases.

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